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TAGGED! stuff about me and even myself! how cool!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 4:00 PM
tagged by :iconautlaw: :iconfurideamon:

You have to post these rules:

2. Each PERSON has to share 13 things about them

3. ANSWER the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. CHOOSE 13 people

5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

6. You can't say that you don't do tags.

7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED

8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

9. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

10. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

11. Cussing is ALLOWED.  

but you know... FUCK DA RULES

10 things about me

1-most of my friends never saw my true hair color and think I'm ginger :shrug: (this would explain the lack of soul)

2- I have only two shirts that arent black and/or white. one is red and the other is brown (I know, everyone was wondering that's why it's important I mention)

3- idk if some people missed it yet but I have pet chickens!

4- I also have 2 dogs and 3 cats, but you'll probably never see my mutt because he's very scared of cameras and my ipod... I have no idea why...

5- he's also scared of peas, we just don't ask anymore that puppy is weird! 

6- I really love plants and it's the first time I manage to take care of these I have properly, I'm very proud of myself for that!

7- I am particularly found of cactus in general!  which is also very great because they're easy to care for!  I only have one tho!

8- I am presently looking around me to find something else to say, I'm a very boring person :XD:

9- I live on a ranch with my mother but I am incredibly scared of horses

10- did I mention I have pet chickens ??? (hey look at that 10 things omg 8'D!)

questions by the taggers~


1. If one of your characters were to come alive, what would you go do with them?
uh idk ? Salem could teach me to shoot with a gun ??? it's his favorite thing to do :shrug:

2. Is one of your characters inspired by a real person/friend/family member ? 
Salem is a little inspired by my sister, to who I am not very close, his physic is also inspired of Evan Peters ( think they are far from looking alike tho... some of my friends would say otherwise idk anymore :shrug:

3. What movie/series/anime characters would you assign to your idols on deviantart and why those ? 
I- I dont think I understand the question <8'D

4. Which movie/series/anime character do you connect to the most ? And why?
right now, today. I'd say Max from MadMax because I wanna punch Nux un the throat very hard with the first of love. ( I never really thought about what character I relate so... sorry if it's that lame :XD:)

5. Do you have any weird food combinations you absolutely love but others find gruesome to eat ? 
hm apparently chicken nugget with honey is weird ???? but beside that the other day I ate pineapple with my coffee and my mother asked if I was pregnant or something so it must be weird :l

6. What movie shocked you the most ? (or series, anime whatever).
The Hobbit.... because I think it wasnt a good movie... the second neither but that dragon looked nice...didnt see the last... sorry everyone

7. If you could eliminate one subject at school forever, what would it be ? 
hm... in school like high school ??? idk! I think they're usually all kinda important... depending on what you're going for... history isnt important but it's still a nice class that I liked... can I bring back spanish instead ??? on my second year it got cancelled and I was forced into strong science stuff that I failed )'<  (sorry high school is far behind that's all I want to remember 8'D)

8. Do you have your own thought-up superstitions ? (like a certain object you keep close just in case?)
hm yeah I do! I'm very prone to hallucinations when I lack of sleep and before I go to bed I politely ask the ghosts to leave, which actually really help me to see less weird shits...

9. Who was your childhood hero ? 
Draco from dragon heart and...the aliens from...Alien 

10. What is your most notable habit ? 
write "hahah" everywhere =.=

11. Ever stolen something?
lemme tell you the tales of the two times I stole something.
the first was when I was a kid and my mom noticed, I stole a lollipop. I didnt want to steal it I wanted to ask my mom to buy it but she was so busy talking to the cashier I just took it... I was like 4 so I was kinda dumb and didnt understood what I did... my mom forced me to go give it back to the store days later and the cashers were actually talking about it??? I got pretty traumatised from it.
the second time was in high school, I was living with my father who had nothing to eat in the fridge, I had no money so I took the habbit to steal small things from the caffeteria to not starve, one day I got caught, they almost threw me off the school for it, but insteal I went clean the dishes for 2 months and it was actually funnier than hang with my friends :XD:
that was it.

12. What do you do when you run out of inspiration for drawing, writing etc. ? 
lay down and cry. hm but basically when I start to lack of inspiration I'm also ALWAYS very depressed so I try to do small things to make me happy, play games, watch cartoons, doodle in my sketchbook, spend time with pets...

13. If there was one talent you could master besides the talents you have right now, what would it be ? 
not be a shit in social interactions 8'D


1. Pizza or Hot dog?
it depend how hungry I am, if I'm actually hungry I'll go for the pizza

2. Favorit song and WHY?

Remind me Salem and Raphael

this one is more for personal reasons, but yeah I think she also have a nice voice *v*

This song has some very personal meanings to me and also it'd be the "official" song for Dandelion (as official as it can be, I obviously have no rights on that song :XD:)

3. If you could go away from home and go where ever you want, where would you go?
I wanna go to France and Italy ??? but I want to go back home after )'8

4. best and worst thing about your life?
where I live allow me to have a bunch of pets and plants which is incredibly nice! but I live far from most of my friends and far from town (at least 2 hours of bus)

5. ever been in love with someone? ;D
I suppose yeah

6. Favorit Fandom?
nooone because I think there is too much drama in them and it's bad for my health, I'm allergic to fandom-drama (I do stalk some cool folks in the madmax fandom for a while now tho war pups makes me smile)

7. Have you ever been fangirl/boy about something??

8. If you have ONE wish what would you use it for(can also be used for supernaturel things and stuff ;D )
Ride a dragon instead of catching a bus o/!!!

9. biggest unrealistic and realistic wish?
so many wishes in two questions! I guess I wished to be recognised for my art ??? it's a bit of a vague thing to say but yeah :XD: I want to be a rich kid

10. favorit tv-show, anime , serie ... and why??
right now I'm a lot into steven universe, the lasts episodes were pretty sad and dramatic but season one actually helped me with my anxiety, very relaxing! else I used to follow american horror story but I got so busy with school I gave up. I need to get back to it the last season seemed pretty sick!

My questions

1- if you have to choose between having ONE wing or a third leg, what you'd choose and why ?

2-what's your favorite thing to do ?

3-favorite color ?

4- favorite video game ?

5- tell me about your favorite movie/serie character!?

6-why the chicken cross the read ?!

7- what keeps you awake at night?

8-what do you hate the most ?

9- what makes you want to get off the bed on the morning ? (or afternoone ? or night ?? I mean I'm not here to judge, get off your bed when you want!)

10- wow that was 10 question! do you prefer dragons or griffins ?


  • Mood: Tired
  • Watching: flapjack
  • Eating: walnuts

boop boop

what is your favorite okami weapon *v* ??? 

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